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Location influences my artwork and I am inspired by the events that I experience in my daily life.  The pieces are about creating fictional realities that capture a sense of whimsy and wonderment of what surrounds me.  The artwork is about expressing a dreamscape that shows the combination of memories and dreams that incorporate imagery from my surroundings to create a personal language. In the end it shows a journey for my quest to create a sense of place.

Jennifer Laura Palmer was born in Bethlehem, Pa and received a B.A. in Art and Political Science from Cedar Crest College in Allentown, Pa.  She pursued her M.F.A. degree in painting from the Savannah College of Art and Design and graduated in 2006. 

Her work is influenced by location and she is motivated to paint by expressing the events she experiences in her daily life.  Palmer resides in the Kentucky countryside and paints from the rural setting of her studio located in a Yellow Barn on the property.    Jennifer is inspired by the scenes and wildlife that she sees from her studio window and she incorporates these experiences into her artwork.  These images are filtered through memories and dreams to capture a sense of a place. The works become maps of these fictional places full of layered imagery from her surroundings and travels.

Jennifer Laura Palmer’s artwork is about showing the whimsy and wonderment of what surrounds her, through the use of layers and multiple mediums. She stated that her work “is a transitional space that marks contemplation of the past, the future and memories.  In the process, these ideas converge and the creation emerges showing the journey. It is an odyssey of discovery of my relationship to everyday life, and the development of a personal language to express the fragments from these experiences.  The final result is the creation of dreamscapes.”

Jennifer Laura Palmer’s artwork has been featured multiple times in the publication Studio Visit Magazine and also selected for inclusion in New American Paintings: Southern, Volume 64. The juror for New American Paintings was Trevor Richardson the Director of the Herter Gallery of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.  The juror stated that Palmer is credited for having “evolved a highly personal mode of expression within the syntax of contemporary abstract painting." In addition she was selected to be included in the viewing program at the Drawing Center in New York City.

Jennifer’s work has been exhibited nationally and she has attended the Vermont Studio Center residency in 2006.  Currently, she is residing in Kentucky with her horses and taking daily photographs of her adventures.  When she is not on the farm she is teaching art classes at area colleges and universities.