The concept of an online gallery is outside and beyond the boundaries of geography, budget and travel.  This site is not meant to replace the experience of engaging the physicality of artwork, but instead can continue to develop into a site of exchange.  As the internet is inherently capable of reaching a larger and more varied audience, viewer, witness, the possibilities for exchange are endless.  Ideas are carried away with the viewer and the discussion expands.  Over time, a site such as this serves as an archive of thought.  The intent for this site is to highlight one artist or collective per month and in the fall of each year, one group of artists working with similar concepts.

By origin, the word Temenos is used to mark sacred space.  This space is one that encourages or creates the safety to reveal be it to others or ourselves.  In this case, a space that exists between the artist and their artwork or between the artwork and the observer or witness.  It is a space that gathers the visually expressed internal self be its origins as a cultural, societal or the visual refinement of personal experience or thought. 

What this site is not is a commercial site or claim to represent the artists found here.  If this is where your curiosity leads you, please contact the artist directly for more information.

Adriane Little

Adriane Little is an artist, curator and educator living and working in Kalamazoo MI. She is Associate Professor of Photography and Intermedia at Western Michigan University's Gwen Frostic School of Art.