Tiberiu Chelcea
Stephen Copland
Kathi Flood
Devon Johnson
Gary Lindgren
Jennifer Laura Palmer
Terry Ward





For this series I chose the international female symbol,an image that is instantly recognizable. I wanted to give each image a story, a history, an identity. I pushed the work by experimentation, using heat sources,fire,water, ice and various chemical mediums. My intent in art is to not think about what i'm doing, to give in to my instincts and rely on the knowledge and techniques that I have learned over time. This enables me to not care about the results, giving me the freedom to truly experiment. If the piece doesn't work for me when it's finished then I start over.

Gary Lindgren lives and works in Somerset, New Jersey. USA. A self taught artist, whose thermal drawings,paintings,assemblages and videos have been included in forty six national exhibitions and film festivals. His video 'The Sea' is archived at Artist's Space, NYC.