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Devon Johnson
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I think this is what happened, but since no photographs were taken, the only proof is my fading memory. I cast a wide net, culling the deepest recesses for the slightest clue. This is what resurfaced. The facts remain unsubstantiated—I have no index, my list of references has been misplaced. This document is a pyre, a wake to commemorate what’s lost; however, it suffers from temporal disparities, locations remain unfixed. Against the erasure of time each word was struck, but just like my memory, these too shall vanish.

Eighteen unprocessed 8x10 negatives, mounted in acrylic, typewritten text, 2012

Devon Johnson is an artist working primarily in lens-based media. His work examines how our understanding of place is altered by the passage of time, the failure of memory, and the influences of external texts. He earned his MFA at George Mason University, and has exhibited both nationally and internationally. His films have been screened in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Washington, DC. In 2012 his work was included in the Vancouver International Film Festival. In 2013 he was awarded a stipend from the Goethe-Institut to go to Berlin, where he began an ongoing body of work."