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Jerry Riness, Adopted Ho-Chunk, 2012

According to Jerry he was walking along when he heard a woman screaming in the distance.  A grizzly bear was about to attack her.  He dove on the bear and skinned it before it was dead saving the woman’s life.  The woman was Lorraine Winneshiek the wife of John Winneshiek chief of the Winnebago.   The chief then adopted him into the tribe.

Jerry of course was joking, he became friends with John Winneshiek in the 1970s. Chief Winneshiek adopted him in 1976 into the tribe.  Lorraine Winneshiek told Jerry that he was taking the place of their son George who went the white way.  The adoption ceremony was held at the Black River Falls pow wow grounds.  The chief dressed him in a trade breechcloth, a ribbon shirt, a roach, and a finger woven belt.





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