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Henry Greencrow Jr., Full-Blooded Ho-Chunk Unrecognized, 2012

Henry Greencrow Jr. is full-blooded Ho-Chunk and is currently not recognized as being American Indian by any government.  He relinquished his enrolled from the Nebraska Winnebago (Ho-Chunk) and proceeded to enroll in the Ho-Chunk Nation.  He was not accepted for enrollment.  He has been fighting to be recognized for fourteen years. 

The following information was taken from the Ho-Chunk General Council meeting on September 13, 2008:

Resolution Number 9-13-08-1 Henry GreenCrow, Jr. Enrollment.

Lot Smith, ####, made a motion to accept Henry GreenCrow, Jr. Resolution.

Gloria Visintin, #### seconds the motion.

Gerald Cleveland, Sr. ####, states that enrollment paperwork was submitted prior to the moratorium and lost.

Wilbert Cleveland, ####, Boye Ladd, ####, Elizabeth Deere, ####, gave testimony in favor of approving the Resolution for enrollment of Henry GreenCrow, Jr.

Adam Hall, #### stated that tribal law was enforced to the best of their ability and that he relinquished his enrollment in Nebraska before applying for enrollment with the Ho-Chunk Nation.  He stated that his application was submitted after the deadline.

General Council Attorney John Swimmer, advises that a 2/3 vote is needed to pass this Resolution in compliance with the Ho-Chunk Constitution.

Discussion had exceeded the five minute time frame and was closed by Chairman Richard Mann who then called for question. 

General Council members vote to approve Resolution Number 9-13-08-1:

Yes or accept             no or reject                abstain                       Total
738     59.52%            502    40.8%              141                             1,381



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