Gridding the Space #1




After shooting many portraits of people in their homes and attempting to tap in to a psychological element, I realized was frequently referencing my own self-identity and issues. It was then time to turn the camera around and start working further outside my comfort zone. It was time to expose my “Self” and reveal my own vulnerability. Sense of Self is a series of conceptual self portraits that uses blur, movement and light to add a psychological element to the work. These images explore my struggle to maintain a rigid sense of order upon my self and my environment (a process that is failing). This attempt and failure to contain chaos parallels my personal struggles and sense of identity. Unfortunately, this self-imposed rigid sense of order, a self that wants to grid, to sort, to map, to control, conflicts with my need to escape from such oppressive self-regulation.


Gridding the Space

Gridding the Space #3


Jane Szabo is a Los Angeles based fine art photographer with an MFA from Art Center in Pasadena, CA. Her work investigates issues of self and identity. Using self-portraiture and still life as a vehicle to share stories from her life, her work merges her love for fabrication and materials, with conceptual photography. Szabo brings many facets of visual art into her photographic projects, incorporating sculptural, performance and installation elements into her work. Her imagery is often infused with humor and wonder, ingredients that draw the viewer in, inviting them to linger and to have a dialogue with the work, and themselves. Her background in the film industry, creating prop and miniatures for theme parks, and overseeing set construction for film and television, undoubtedly informs her creative process.

Szabo’s photography has been exhibited widely, including solo shows at the Museum of Art & History in Lancaster, CA, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, the Yuma Fine Art Center in Arizona, and the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. Her work has been included in exhibitions at Oceanside Museum of Art, the Griffin Museum of Photography, The Colorado Center for Photographic Arts, San Diego Art Institute, Los Angeles Center for Photography, Orange County Center for Contemporary Art, Gallery 825 in Los Angeles, and the 2015 Kaohsiung International Photographer Exhibition in Taiwan.

Her photographs have been featured in many publications and blogs including The Huffington Post, Lenscratch, L’Oeil de la Photographie, F-Stop Magazine, Your Daily Photo, Silvershotz, A Photo Editor, Diversions LA, ArtsMeme, and others.


Gridding the Space #4


Gridding the Space #6


Gridding the Space #5

Grid Dress #1

Grid Dress


Grid Dress #4


Grid Dress #3

Grid Dress #5
Grid Dress
Gridding the Self #3
Gridding the Self
Gridding the Self #2
Gridding the Self
Gridding the Self
Gridding the Self