At the scorched field in the village, the ash seeped into the soil with each rain and the winter gusts snatched at the reeds. There was a bone. The death of the animal was white. Crows were crying. Perhaps they witnessed it and came for the body. My aunt passed away. Father informed me about her condition a day before her death. The tragedy was standing on. She had been in the coma. Her body was here but her mind had drifted somewhere else. Where could it be? I thought about the void in consciousness. And I imagined the emptiness left behind. In the wooded darkness, intertwined branches shone like an engraving. Its gesture and rhythm consoled me. The earth turned a green a bit. The southern winds would begin blowing soon.

그을린 논 위로 비가 내린다. 흙 속으로 재가 스며든다. 겨울 바람이 갈대 자루를 뽑는다. 뼈가 드러난다. 죽음이 희다. 까마귀가 운다. 그들은 얼마나 많은 죽음을 보았을까. 얼마나 많은 살점을 뜯어물었을까. 큰고모가 돌아가셨다. 아버지는 하루 전에 연락을 주셨다. 혼수상태라고 하셨다. 고모의 몸에서 미끄러져나온 정신은 어디에서 표류하고 있을까. 의식의 단절에 관해 생각했다. 그 공백의 공간을 그려보았다. 장례를 마치고 매지리로 돌아왔다. 숲 속에 얽혀있는 앙상한 가지들이 반짝였다. 어둠 속에서 빛금 다발은 바람에 맞춰 춤을 추었다. 묘한 위안이었다. 검은 재 아래에서 푸른 싹이 올랐다.




Goseong Choi (b.1984, S.Korea) currently works and resides in New York. Choi's work has been exhibited at several museums including the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and the New Mexico Museum of Art. His work is held in collections at Philadelphia Museum of Art, New Mexico Museum of Art, Portland Art Museum, and Haggarty Museum of Art. Among others, his work has been published in, PDN, Der Greif Magazine, Photo Art, and Exposure. Online features include Lenscratch, New Direction at Detroit Center For Contemporary Photography, Conscientious, L'Oeil de la Photographie, Ain't Bad Magazine, Phases Magazine, Prism Photo Magazine and more. He holds an M.F.A in Photography from Pratt Institute.