Nectarine blossom in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield

Garden Stories, Hidden Labours

Made around the glasshouses, potting sheds and scullery at Tyntesfield, a country house and estate just outside Bristol, this series of unintended or ‘accidental’ still lives seeks to make visible the unseen and often unsung work of the gardeners, by revealing small signs of the day-to-day such as the tending of plants; their protection from insects, disease and weather; the nurturing of seedlings and tender plants in the glasshouses; the harvesting, drying and storing of crops, and the gathering of flowers from the garden, to be arranged and placed in the house. These observations seek to embody the gardener’s labours and reveal the hidden stories of the work and life of the gardens, and those who tend them.


Fig trees in the peach case, Tyntesfield

AMANDA HARMAN I trained in photography at West Surrey College of Art and Design and London College of Communication. I have worked on a range of commissions, residencies and projects for galleries, museums, charities and commercial clients since 1985. My work has been exhibited widely in the UK and in Europe, and is held in a number of collections, including the V&A, London. I am currently an associate lecturer on BA (Hons) Photography at UWE. I live and work in Bristol, UK.

The old boiler house, Tyntesfield
Grapevine in the glasshouse, Tytesfield
Drying crops, glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Poinsettia in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Lily of the Valley in the potting shed, Tyntesfield
Delphinium in the glasshouse, Tyntedfield
Banana palms in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Canna in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Abutilon in the glasshouse, Tyntesfirld
Salvia pratens, glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Pelargonium in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Flower arranging in the scullery, Tyntesfield House
Garden flowers arranged in the hall, Tyntesfield
Flower arranging in the scullery, Tyntesfield
Flowers arranged in the hall, Tyntesfield
Flower arranging in the scullery, Tyntesfield
Seedlings in the glasshouse, Tynesfield
Winter vines in the glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Squirrel's tail, glasshouse, Tyntesfield
Autumn nectarine, glasshouse, Tyntesfield