Sewn Picture Day

For over a decade, I have altered, chopped, merged, and recomposed photographic elements. By doing this, I create work that deals with the notions of truth in photography and the impact of family imagery on the identity. The resulting imagery tells a “new truth” with created people and reimagined memories. Sewn expands this notion by incorporating mixed media elements to push the work to a new realm, to create an object. I cut out, obliterate, and cover up elements of an image to draw attention to what is missing, what may have changed, or what needs to be considered. This process is tended to jar the viewer and call into question our history through memory and as photographic document.



Liz Steketee lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband and two children where she maintains her own are practice. Additionally, Liz is a member of the photo faculty at the San Francisco Art Institute where she specializes in digital imaging and compositing, digital printing, and the handmade book. In 2011, Nazraeli Press published Liz’s work in a One Picture Book, Dystopia. In 2002, Liz published a hardcover photography book examining fly fishing guides of the American West, Castwork. In 2005, Liz completed her MFA at the San Francisco Art Institute. At SFAI, Liz received the prestigious John Collier Award of Excellence for her Masters thesis project. This project was based on the turbulent circumstances surrounding the birth of Liz’s first child, Emma. After completing her graduate studies, Liz dedicated her work fully to art practice and teaching. Liz’s personal work focuses the subject of family dynamics and domestic life. Sub-texts in her work explore the notions of photography and its role in family life, memory and our sense of self.