arcimboldo • Vertumnus

The works of Klaus Enrique offer an ambitious series of emotively charged images that dissect and re-invent the most relevant and affecting of our human issues. collectively, they represent a landscape of a reality that is at once deeper than the images to which we are customarily exposed, and transcendent, above the snap-shots of the order of our routine and habit, overcoming particularities of existence to penetrate a world of universality, in which fundamental factors of life and death, defeat and triumph, surface to reveal a singular, intensely moving, image of the nature of our human condition.

An acute sense of the individual permeates his works, from the distinctive interactions between thousands of mass-produced plastic straws, to undeniably unique portraits of decapitated fish that movingly convey the sense of a struggle, a fight to the death, and ultimately speak of the feeding of life. juxtapositions that inspire concerned thought, but assumes - and conquers - the formidable challenge of embedding within each of the images, through the display of the unexpected and/or the contradictory, a consistently-poignant representation of life's unending potential. it is with the joint resolve to not only be continually and refreshingly unique, but to also satisfy with each and every one of his works the depth of his artistic agency - to bring vividly to light the themes that underlay human experience, to unearth and to elucidate the choices that are accordingly available to every one of us and to portray the enormous possibility of our infinitely-complex, social moment - that enrique breathes life to his work, that ensures that his imagess will be remembered, long after that final dying fish is captured, or that last series of straws is aligned.


arcimboldo • Primavera

Born in 1975, Klaus Enrique grew up in Mexico City. He studied genetics at the University of Nottingham, England, and received an MBA from Columbia Business School in the City of New York. Most of his working career was spent as a freelance IT consultant before Enrique turned to photography, which he studied at Parsons and at the School of Visual Arts. Enrique began to receive worldwide attention in 2007 when his portrait of “Mother & Daughter” was short-listed for the Photographic Portrait Prize at London’s National Portrait Gallery. Subsequently, Enrique has been short listed for other works by the Newspace Center for Photography, National Geographic Traveler, the Photography Masters Cup, and the Art of Photography Show among others. In 2011, Klaus Enrique was the winner of the prestigious Curator Award/Emerging Artist of the Year for Still Photography, which is presented by Photo District News. In 2013, Enrique’s “Vertumnus” was included in “The History of Still Life in Ten Masterpieces”, published by the Alimentarium Museum in Switzerland. Enrique’s work is collected by a growing number of public institutions and private collections. He currently lives in New York City.

arcimboldo • Winter
arcimboldo • The Vegetable Gardener
arcimboldo • Te Jurist
arcimboldo • Diana
arcimboldo • Summer
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