Kelly Franké

Line is what compels me to make art. The process of creating a line that searches for its form is addictive. There's nothing more exciting to me than replicating the entity of an object in such a way that each line is descriptive and beautiful on its own merit.

My interest is not in realism, it is in finding a balance between careful observation and my own playfulness. I crave imperfections. It is crucial that there remains evidence of my hand and the material. I am attracted to drawing spaces that are overly cluttered or architecturally complex. Despite their explicit detail, I am compelled to draw them in such a way that simplifies them with minimal line, while still keeping true to their complexity.

This body of work has a strong emphasis on process, in which I allow my drawings to be transformed to create new pieces. My drawings are digitally deconstructed, layered, and reconstructed into etchings and digital prints. The result of this is a body of work that has two major components; original drawings, and the images that are derived from them. By collaging and re-inventing my drawing it breaks up the two dimensional space and creates new transcendent spaces. This abstracts them as well, causing the piece to focus on line and form rather than on an image. These prints exemplify my style of mark making and my love of materials.


Kelly Franké (born 1986) grew up in Babylon, New York, where she began drawing at a very early age in her father's illustration studio. Kelly holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from Alfred University (2008) and a Masters in Fine Art (2012) from Indiana University. Throughout her schooling, Kelly intensively studied drawing, painting, and printmaking, both in traditional and unconventional forms. In addition to her regular studio practice, Kelly is often commissioned to complete large-scale public murals. Her largest commission was for the Mather's Museum of World Cultures at Indiana University, in which she painted seven murals for the exhibition, "The Origins of Everything: The Big Bang to the World Wide Web". The exhibition was erected October 2010, and will be displayed until 2015.

​Kelly was first introduced to teaching art, when a professor asked her to substitute a sophomore painting class. Kelly fell in love, and since has worked with all ages, both privately and in public school settings. Kelly holds a NY State Teaching Certification in Visual Arts, K-12. While at Indiana University, she taught Fundamental Drawing as an Associate Instructor (2010-2012). Kelly currently lives and works in New York City, and teaches drawing and printmaking at Caldwell College in New Jersey.