In Search of Lost Time
Virgnia Woolf Was Here : Short Stories
Virgnia Woolf Was Here : Between the Acts
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A Very Easy Death
End of Road
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Phantom Pains
Call Home Mothers Dead
Adriane Little



Resuscitation by definition is to revive or be revived from an unconsciousness or apparent death. This project is about re-marking the landscape in ways that are inescapable in the present, while drawing attention to the location of each billboard that I have isolated within each photograph. In this way, each site has been marked by the photograph as a public space of loss and mourning or a site of trauma. By photographing mainly where I live and then when I travel, eventually this will create a trail of mourning. During the process of collecting images for this project, I found that I have documented billboards that no longer exist.

Call Home Mothers Dead is both literal and metaphor. The dandelion is used to carve an entry point into these experiences and for a symbol of persistence.  Call Home Mothers Dead is an impetus for continual renewal and the reality that beauty can grow and exist with little attention.  Call Home Mothers Dead searches for a relationship to the matrilineal ghost. It is a void that is simultaneously overfull and almost empty.

24" x 36" • lightjet prints

Adriane Little