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Adriane Little


1 minute excerpt (at 3 mins, 15 mins, 60 mins) • TRT 80 minutes


This body of work is telling of the experiences of motherloss, cultural rupture and disassociation as a translation of a relationship to trauma.  This then offers a re-imagined space of the maternal. This is experienced as a shattering of a moment as losing something so important that one does not know who they are without it or intrarupture.  My visual work originates from the perspective of photographic processes, but also crosses media and theoretical positions.  The underpinnings of my research and visual work are an intersection of psychoanalysis and post-colonial theory through the lens of a feminist investigation.

The recent projects that I have created are embedded in these intimate spaces; however, lend themselves to a larger discussion.  These projects are investigations into the ways in which one can recover from orphanhood, both parental and cultural. This is a recovery of the moments that were never able to exist as a physically lived experience but instead have been imbedded within what I call the matrilineal ghost.  This is visualized through a deceptively simple strategy of dark beauty, a series of mediated rituals and symbols of resuscitation and continuance.  The matrilineal ghost provides a container for cultural and personal history that becomes visible as instinct.  It is a space that continues to evolve through the interrogation of traumatic moments. The matrilineal ghost is the space where the residue of history is found.  The matrilineal ghost encourages a position that the psychical and corporeal bodies are perpetual and that one supports the other partly through the uncanny.  By this I mean that they exist as the same yet divided realm of space and time.  The energy between helps the other exist; each desires the other through a language of trauma. One becomes more aware of the matrilineal ghost through the absence of the maternal body. Yet it is much more.







Adriane Little