29 palms, california



LAND OF SUNSHINE: Making night photographs in the desert laid the foundation for a series of work in Los Angeles and greater southern California. The parallels between these two landscapes (abundant sunshine, lack of water, little rain) is a side note to the fact they are diametric opposites on more practical levels. 

The work began in 2001 as I traveled along the coast near Malibu, looking east I could see the expanse of Los Angeles and was reminded of the similarity to desert cities surrounded by vast tracts of undeveloped space. The photographs offer a single story of the diverse landscape found across Los Angeles, describing it as an archetype rather than one filled with familiar and iconic landmarks.


hollywood hills, california

dana point, california


Scott B. Davis: since the 1990’s i have made photographs that explore unremarkable wilderness corridors and urban spaces in the american southwest. working as a platinum printer for nearly 20 years, my prints examine the far ends of the visible spectrum and challenge the limits of human perception. the work invites viewer participation.

i began photographing the desert at night in the 1990s as a way to explore landscapes uniquely defined by darkness. in 2001 i started photographing urban areas throughout california, portraying these iconic landscapes as ordinary as they are for residents. in 2013 i began a series of unique, in-camera platinum paper negatives and high key platinum prints. these works, tracings of light and ocotillo, ocotillo explore the immense light and space of the sonoran desert.

i use an 8” x 10” view camera and a home made 16” x 20” camera to make my photographs. these antiquated tools facilitate working slowly in an increasingly fast paced world. they are effective means to examine the world around me and capture large negatives & final prints.

my photographs have been reviewed in the new york times, village voice, the new yorker, los angeles times, and other print media. pdf's are available in the press section of the website. my are included museum collections including the j. paul getty museum, the nelson atkins museum of art, pier 24, the santa barbara museum of art, the museum of photographic arts, and others.



parking lot, echo park


building, sunset strip


tract home, la jolla, california

sedan, rice, california

vw bus, san diego


5856 adams blvd., los angeles


water tower, san diego

thrift store, san fernando valley
billboards, san fernando valley
713 n. victory blvd.
salton sea navy test base
motel, southern arizona
imperial highway, ocotillo, calif.