Inspired by the cave art in France and Spain, as well as the writings of Fernando Pessoa, Plato and Charles Darwin, these works explore the territory between prehistory and history, as well as between human and animal. The intimate scale is intended to function as a form of family portrait. My identification with these archetypal creatures is as powerful as my sense of alienation, and throughout the work they are subjected to the various physical and conceptual pitfalls of human intervention. As Pessoa describes his estrangement from those around him in The Book of Disquiet,

“And once I’ve hurled myself into these souls, I suddenly feel helpless and empty, as if I’d died and yet I live, a sore and pale shade, which the first breeze will knock to the ground and the first physical contact dissolve into dust.” 

Kith and Kin attempts to capture the ambivalence of who or what may be found both kindred and alien.